TVN@VSU Spring 2018

Table of Contents

Note from the Editor

In Memoriam

Dr. Hildegard Rissel, A Remembrance

Spring is coming…La primavera se acerca…” by Dr. Mario Mantilla

Ekphrasis in Verse 2018

“Black and White Photographs”
Poem by Branson Neuman
Artwork by Thelia Burts

Poem by Balil Pugh
Artwork by Thelia Burts

“Don’t Feed Me Lies”
Poem by Destiny A. Johnson
Artwork by Sefiyetu Abdullah

“Dull Purpose”
Poem by Onyx Lee
Artwork by Thelia Burts

Poem by Aashe Massenburg
Artwork by Amiri Stewart

“I know your mother.”
Poem by Dayana Lee
Artwork by Dexter Walker

Poem by McKenzie Pittman
Artwork by Aladejobi Isaiah

Poem by Imani Jefferson
Artwork by Sybil Mouna Toure

“Shadow of Her Soul”
Poem by Kiara Jackson
Artwork by Sybil Mouna Toure

Poem by Matthew Boateng
Artwork by Ivan Monagan

“Watch me levitate”
Poem by Destiny A. Johnson
Artwork by William E. Bell

“Why Today?”
Poem by Destiny A. Johnson
Artwork by Nick Majorz

Student Writing Contest 2018

Poetry Winner

“because i fear.” by Emani Brown aka lulo.

Poetry Honorable Mention

“Ode to Writing” by Tiffanie Dzietror

Short Fiction Winner

“Bang” by Dillon Armstrong

Short Fiction Honorable Mention

“Keturah’s Sacrifice” by Stacy Benson

Creative Nonfiction Winner

My Journey’s First Playlist ft. Erykah Badu. by Emani Brown aka lulo.

Critical Essay Winner

“Django Unchained” by Shakeiya Culzac

Critical Essay Honorable Mention

“Devil in Disguise” by India Peterkin


“Interview with Scott Laudati” by Stacy Benson


“A Review of Two Towns Over by Darren C. Demaree” by Stacy Benson

Student Writing


“A mother’s cry” by Shakeiya Culzac

“A wolf’s howl” by Davonna Cummings

“The place I call home” by Jada Gibbs

“It’s about soul” by Harold “Tre” Hancock

“Headlines” by Dayana Lee

“Watch” by Branson Neuman

“Who Killed the Butterfly?” by Branson Neuman

“Patterns” by Asia-Aylana Simone White

“Benjamin’s” by Tedria Smith

Short Fiction

“The Stranger” by Dillon Armstrong

“One Pop, Two Pops, Three” by Tedria Smith

Creative Nonfiction

“Can You See Me?” by Tamera Wimbish