It’s about soul

By Harold “Tre” Hancock

It’s about soul
A different place that you don’t know

A place where both love and hurt go
Hurts like a wound you can’t sew

A place where everyone’s God lives
And loves to roam,

It’s about soul
Your personal home away from home

A place where things like personal feelings
Inner thoughts show

Clean or dirty
You should desire to make it a place

You find worthy
I mean it is a house

Is key for thirst

To wash down the agony of pain
Your soul is a place to go

Your soul has a kitchen
When you put pain in a cup, wash dishes

And be happy you happy
You have a special place to stay

Especially during the rain
So you don’t go insane

Keep your head held up
Even when water hits the window pane

And the enemy makes you believe
You have nothing to gain

So when devil knocks on the door
Close the curtain

Your soul isn’t for sell
So remember what your soul worth is

They can’t come around
Unless they’re invited

The people that come around
Should bring happiness and enlightenment

Nobody should tell you what the standard
Of your soul is

As long as you make it a place
Where you find bliss

Your favorite things in life there
Feels good like a first kiss

Thoughts of that one person
That you may forgot you missed

It’s your soul
That place deep inside

Where even when you feel like
You want to run and hide

Your soul is a more comfortable place
To go, and cry

Your soul is your personal outer space
People are like gravity that you can defy

It’s about soul