Dull Purpose

"Black & White Photographs / Dull Purpose" by Thelia Burts
“Black & White Photographs / Dull Purpose” by Thelia Burts
by Onyx Lee

With Blurred visuals my message remains the same
Through generations of turmoil my race isn’t new to pain
Many mental scars and generational anger still remain
This grey can’t hide my black putting all my obstacles to shame
For don’t hate others, they don’t like us but can’t explain

It is the fro? Or maybe the way this blouse pops my skin?
Because regardless of your insecurities my black still wins
A combination of hatred has youth minorities preparing to defend
This grey and white filters my eccentric glow so they may shine once again

Don’t wish me progress…don’t pity me
Because the memories of our history have me filled with empathy
For the world judges our children on their tendencies
We’ll all have to add color to this earth Eventually