by Tedria Smith

I lay flat at her feet

            And watch her brown skin sparkle

                        in the bright hot lights above me

                                    She just turned seventeen


                                                Her mother threw her out

                                    so I am her provider

            I control her so much

I made her change her name

            her identity and her life


                        Her long-shaved legs twirl for me

                                    She needs me and I give her

                                                those high heel pumps, those

                                                            long pink squared shaped nails

                                                those diamonds, that make-up

                                    those long black-hair extensions


                        She puts a show on for me

            her body moves like a snake to

loud slow and fast rhythmic beats

                        of music, all eyes on her

                                    And by the time the show is over

                                                I am the green, paper-thin thing

                                                            she needs to get through life.