Black and White Photographs

"Black & White Photographs / Dull Purpose" by Thelia Burts
“Black & White Photographs / Dull Purpose” by Thelia Burts
by Branson Neuman

Picturesque. Black and white photographs of times gone 

Faded images of visages long forgotten. Melanin Madness seeped in black ink.

Melanin Madness. Streets seeped in black blood. “This was a better time.”

References to how America used to be “Great”. Yet the counts of death rise more

Each day. Her glare in the photo shows her disappointment. How can they look

upon her face and refer to glory? Possibly more gory than the generations after.

Happily ever after is not actually a factor for the nappy and the natural the

casualties are fractions of the women without sons. Or the daughters without

fathers. Father God our common problems are probably forgotten . But can you

help us solve them? We move forward but how many steps have been taken back?

Picturesque. Black and White. Photographs.

Of times gone by.