TVN@VSU Spring 2019

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Note from the Editor

Student Writing Contest 2019

Poetry Winner

“The Grandest Show in the World” by Grant Sowels

Poetry Honorable Mention

“Everything In-Between” by Tedria Smith

Short Fiction Winner

“Speak Now…” by Dillon Armstrong

Short Fiction Honorable Mention

“Chase Scene” by D’Asia Smith

Creative Nonfiction Winner

“What Happens to a Black Girl” by Sha-Keiya Culzac

Critical Essay Winner

“Jaylaan Have A Dream” by Jaylaan Bell Colley

Critical Essay Honorable Mention

“Ignorance Is Not Bliss; Take Care of Your Own” by Damaris Murillo

Feature: Study Abroad

“Sans la Tour Eiffel” by Stacy Benson

Feature: Analysis

“Poetry Within Modern Hip-Hop Music with Kendrick Lamar” by Branson Neuman

Student Writing


“Look Beyond” by Kristynn Byran

“Untitled” by Jovan Cole

“Said the Little Black Boy to the Little Black Girl” by Sha-Keiya Culzac

“I forgive you self” by Lakendra Elliott

“Quickly Fading” by Danielle Geter

“Master Splinter” by Branson Neuman

“Samson” by Branson Neuman

“Than Words” by Branson Neuman

“Ode to Mary Jane” by D’Asia Smith

“Can I Breathe?” by Tedria Smith

“Who and What Gave You the Right” by Tedria Smith

“Darkest Night” by Grant Sowels

“Colors” by Ajanee Suber