TVN@VSU Spring 2017


Note from the Editorial Staff


Poem by Jaquori Braddock
Artwork by Selene C. Reddick

Poem by Latia Jackson
Artwork by Devyn Casey

“My Creator”
Poem by Melvinie Jackson
Artwork by Lina H. Kim

Poem by Seth Mitchell
Artwork by Dominic Mendes

“The Concrete Rose”
Poem by Branson Neuman
Artwork by Jaida Guy

Poem by Branson Neuman
Artwork by Mekka Carter

Poem by Ronae Redwine
Artwork by Stephen Iverson

“On the Third Day”
Poem by Ronae Redwine
Artworks by Brandon Reese & Erika Gore

Poem by Taylor Solomon
Artworks by Fatima Traore, Dazhane’ Myler, & Sefiyetu A. Abdullah

“The Fire Inside”
Poem by Brittany Stuckey
Artworks by Brianna N. Ellison & Quinza Stanley

2017 Student Writing Contest

Poetry Winner

“Half Hugs” by Tiffanie Dzietror
“Suspending Inferno” by Tiffanie Dzietror

Poetry Honorable Mention

“For The Moment” by Carlynne Smith

Fiction Winner

“G Warrior Prologue” by Sydney Yao

Critical Essay Winner

“The Obtainable Dream” by Daeisha Smith

2017 Great Book Essay Contest Winner

“The Four Agreements” by Damonia Newton

Student Writing


“I Don’t Know Why I Remember” by Brittany Stuckey


“Society Says…” by Jocelyn Brown

“ArT” by Branson Neuman

“Arsenal” by Brittany Stuckey

“In the Mind of a Miracle” by Brittany Stuckey

“GrOWN” by Davayonn Tyler

“Lost Melanin” by Capri Wise