The Tears of a Black Man

by Nate Davis

I’m a young black man
Whose as strong as can be
I do the best I can
To stand on my own two feet

I was taught to be strong
Never let the world see me weak
But I’ve held my feelings for too long
And the tears at night don’t help me sleep

I cry in the rain
So no one sees my tears
I hide all my pain
Because not being a man is what I fear

I scream when it’s loud
So it’s my pain you won’t hear
In public I stand proud
But weakness creeps when no ones near

I would open up if i could
But i am alone on this walk
Fear of being misunderstood
Is the reason I don’t talk

I yet have so much potential
My mind is filled with wealth
Our people are so monumental
But it’s time to invest in our mental health.